Why full time, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs?

In India, animation is no longer a small time vocation. It entails systematic academic procedures and studies to attain a professional level as demanded by the industry. India has begun to attract high end, complex animation projects that can only be executed by highly qualified animators. This has led to creation of huge opportunities for team leads, supervisors, checkers, tech-leads, pre-production specialists, visualisers and technical directors. Short term courses do not have the depth to create such professionals. It is therefore essential for aspiring animators to go through a long term industry supported course in animation.


Our University & College Partners

Jain University

Jain University, Bangalore       BCA - Visual Effects       M.Sc. Animation

Gujarat University

Gujarat University       M.Sc. Animation

Thakur College

Thakur College       B.Sc. Animation       M.Sc. Animation


KLE. S. College       Diploma Animation

Poornima University

Poornima University       BFA in Animation & VFX


Assam down town University       B.Sc - Animation-Digital Film Making & VFX


Kaziranaga University       B.Sc Animation & VFX

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